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How employmint works

Employmint.co.za is a powerful community of jobseekers, referrers and companies who work together to match skills to jobs.


Referrers & Jobseekers

Whether you are unemployed or currently have a job, employmint.co.za will work for you. Let everyone know how fabulous you are and the employmint.co.za community will match you to a great job.

Use employmint to create your own personal profile, join like minded groups and get the inside scoop on the companies you’d like to work for. Being part of the employmint community is like having your own online career consultant. And while you wait to launch your career, you can earn cash rewards by referring friends and family for jobs.


You’re not actively looking for a job but if the right opportunity came along you might be tempted. As a member of the employmint community, you will be notified when that dream job comes along. In the meantime, you can refer friends and family for jobs and earn cash rewards.


You want to find the best talent for your organisation – not just the active jobseekers but the already employed talent who might be lured away for the right incentives. You’ve come to the right place. The employmint community is the only recruitment site that attracts this goldmine of talent.
The best part is that you decide how much you are willing to pay to attract the right candidate – no expensive headhunter fees. By offering cash rewards, you unleash the power of the employmint.co.za community to find you the best person for the job.